Hi! I’m Bethany! I’m a fashion-loving, Friends obsessed foodie (but like, healthy foods are usually my jam, except for chocolate because duh). I’m a follower of Christ on a mission to remind as many people as I can that they are fearfully & wonderfully made. I am a proud military wife to the hottest hubby around, and my favorite thing ever is adventuring with him. I’m also a photographer whose number one goal is to capture YOUR story, no matter what it is, & tell it beautifully. Photos are more than just snapshots – they are memories, and an awesome way to hold on to a special point in time forever. When you’re old and wrinkly, don’t you wanna show your grandkids how hot you were?! If you enjoy laughing, drinking coffee (or wine, depending what time it is), & sharing love, I’m your girl! Thanks for stopping by, grab a cup of coffee & hang out!


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  1. My dearest Bethany,

    Oh how I love you! I MISS YOU terribly, sweet soul. I came across your blog and now check it everyday to keep up with your life. Your posts are funny, inspiring, and simply always a joy! I don’t have social media anymore, I’ve moved back home to MS and now attend MSState – just to get you a quick update on my life! oh, CONGRATS ON THE FIANCE! He is one lucky duck! Your walk with the Lord is a light on my life. Keep being fabulous, darling!

    Love always,
    Marilyn 🙂

    1. Ohh sweet girl, you are too kind!! I miss you so much! It makes me so happy that you enjoy the blog. Sometimes I question whether I should keep doing it or not haha. I hope everything is going great in MS for you! Love you!! xoxo

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