Hunter, Elena, & Fam

  Y’all, this family was just as FUN as they are BEAUTIFUL! They were such a delight to work with, and probably one of my favorite sessions. We did some family photos since they were visiting Rosemary for vacation, and then a few individuals of each of the couples/families – who were all adorable. Hunter… Read More Hunter, Elena, & Fam


Tessa & Cooper

  Let me tell you a little about Tessa & Cooper. Tessa and I became best friends early in high school when we suddenly realized we were BFF soul mates AND lived one block away from each other. Our friendship became more like a sisterhood, and we spent nearly every moment of high school together.… Read More Tessa & Cooper


Hair Update

Hey guys! Back before I updated my site *and lost ALLLL my content* I had shared my trial experience with Monat! Within those first two-three weeks of using the hair products, I knew I was starting to see some results and could go twice as long without washing my hair (every busy gal’s dream, am… Read More Hair Update